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Fats Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fats - Research Paper Example Other things also cling on to the patch work done by the white cells and that turns into a callus. This hard stuff is called plaque. That is how bad habits of smoking or cocaine usage can lead to diseases like atherosclerosis (Brewer). Sometimes there are other factors that come into play regarding extra cholesterol in the blood stream. For instance, people can have excess amounts of LDL and less of HDL which carries away excess cholesterol out of the blood stream making the blood flow smooth and keeping blood cells healthy. LDL cholesterol sticks on to the artery walls and hardens and rots. Nutritionists suggest taking appropriate amounts of antioxidants in such cases as it prevents the rotting of LDL cholesterol. If the rotting process is not prevented, other substances join the LDL cholesterol and then plaque is formed on artery walls (Brewer). If the plaque stays there for right amount of time, calcium starts depositing there and that obstructs the blood flow. Just like water can back up in the sink pipe due to clog, calcium deposits on the plaque can do the same thing by forming a clog and that backs up blood in arteries (Brewer). Regular box cereals 1 cup contains zero cholesterol (Kellogg’s cereals are preferred as they are readily available and their nutritional values are monitored by many). In grams, 1cup of cereals weighs about 30 grams, taken with fresh orange juice (no sugar), that is a breakfast with no cholesterol at all. It has 78 calories (2000 calories contain about 30 mg of cholesterol by weight and is considered a standard for measurement) ("Calories in Cereals ready-to-eat"). 1 cup of chopped boiled chicken (weigh almost 140 gm.) contains about 119mg of cholesterol (â€Å"Calories in Chicken†). Chicken can be consumed in boiled form with salt and pepper for seasoning. For dessert after chicken, raw bananas can be

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Engagement on the Social Web Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Engagement on the Social Web - Assignment Example e fastest growing social technology driven platform where a small take-out restaurant can connect to millions of target customers spread within the geographic boundaries. Since Face Book is the most conveniently accessible platform therefore, there is no expense involved and it is free of time jurisdiction (Packer, 2013). Social technology driven platforms like Face book is integral in enhancing the individual’s ability to act. It is an upshot of social innovation which came into existence to serve the unmet social needs of the customers etc. the social innovation approach actually speaks of the novel ideas approved by technology in order to provide with individuals with something that fulfills their unmet demands. Social innovation approach focuses on a collaborative medium of knowledge sharing platform just like Face Book, regarded as â€Å"atomic action of collaborative media†, where people can interact and gain knowledge about whatever information is uploaded on Face Book, in masses (Medea Maimo University, 2012). Moreover customers are empowered and motivated to participate instead of top down. Since a small takeout restaurant is a grass root organization therefore SMM is the finest marketing platform where it can reach its targeted customers while communicating with them at the sa me time at minimum expense (European Commission, 2013). Packer, G., (2013, May 27).  Breezily Apocalyptic: Silicon Valley Vs. The World - CHANGE THE WORLD: Silicon Valley transfers its slogans—and its money—to the realm of politics. Retrieved  July  23, 2013, from Medea Maimo University (2012, December 10).  Collaborative media: production, consumption and design. Retrieved  July  23, 2013, from

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The History Of Integration Strategies Marketing Essay

The History Of Integration Strategies Marketing Essay Toyota employees a diversified business since it has spread its business operations all around the globe. The corporation tends to work in developed countries like America and developing countries like Pakistan. Therefore Toyota can deploy a number of techniques which could enhance the synergy created by diversification. The technique suggested here is that Toyota should further integrate related diversification by manufacturing motor-bikes, Scooties, bi-cycles since these are fuel efficient and eco-friendly transportation means. They can also focus on niche markets like manufacturing metropolitan buses. Building on the topic above, determine how diversified the company you research could become before it created a negative impact on the companys bottom line. Explain your rationale.   According to researches it is found that related diversification is more profitable than unrelated diversification and that there exists a non-linear relationship between diversification and the value created since after an optimal point diversification tends to become value-destroying (Galvan, 2007). Looking at the perspective of Toyota if the company diversifies on the markets it penetrates along with the related product line diversification it will tend to thrive. For example Toyota right now is focusing on diverse automobiles like hybrid, electric, SUVs etc. However if Toyota tends to start manufacturing totally unrelated products like leather shoes, bags etc. it would be a disaster since the corporation does not have sufficient competitive knowledge and competencies for competing in this market. Galvan, A. (2007). Diversification: Value-Creating or Value-Destroying Strategy? Evidence from Using Panel Data. Retrieved from Victory Motorcycles From the case study, evaluate the business-level strategy of Victory Motorcycles to determine whether you believe the strategy is appropriate to offset forces in the industry. Provide specific examples to support your response. The business level strategy which has made Victory Motorcycles so famous around the globe is its diversification strategy. The business is highly diversified with a wide variety of products manufactured like motorcycles, snowmobiles and watercrafts. This makes the organization a highly diversified one. Furthermore the company also targets a diverse market across the globe. Their target market ranges from America all the way to China, Russia, Brazil and Australia. They tend to target customers through a variety of innovative designs and high quality motorbikes. Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing those recommendations. Provide specific examples to support your response. Since there are several other automotive firms in the market who have the tendency, capacity and technology to manufacture even better and highly efficient motorbikes the company need to take potential competition in check. What the company needs to do is formulate strategic plans for new automotive design and improve the efficiency. Along with that the company needs to manufacture environment friendly motorbikes like electric cars so that this challenge can also be met. Integration Strategies Explicate how the first company you researched was either helped or harmed by the integration strategy it chose. There are several ways in which companies can integrate for example mergers, forward/ backward vertical integration and horizontal integration etc. The company we researched is Dell has integrated the concept of forward vertical integration in its business model by selling to the consumers directly through its web portal thus calling for a virtual forward integration. This strategy has helped Dell in a variety of ways like increased consumer satisfaction by providing them with customized product right at their doorsteps and an approach to study consumer patterns. Magretta, J. (1998). The power of virtual integration: an interview with Dell Computers Michael Dell.  Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from Recommend at least one way this strategy could have been improved. This strategy could be further improved by reducing the price of the products since due to forward integration the distribution and placement cost decreases thus the company should also benefit its consumers with the reduced prices. Justify how the first company you researched could benefit from the vertical integration strategies it has not implemented. Include at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each strategy. The company could further take advantage from backward vertical integration strategy in which Dell can focus on manufacturing its own operating system, application software and chips. In this way the company can target a broader market segment along with providing customization in the personal computer internal environment as well. However this strategy might increase the cost of manufacturing along with complexity since there might be bugs in the newly developed programs due to incompetent software developers and company might lose its customers.

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siddhartha Essay -- essays research papers

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse is the story of a young Brahmin who ventures off in the world to find the meaning of life. His journey begins as a young Brahmin who excelled in life but felt he was missing something and ends as a wise man that has found peace within him. Throughout the book, Hesse allows the reader to connect with Siddhartha and watch as he grows through his experiences, and people with whom he comes in contact. During his journey, Siddhartha, makes many choices which leads to path of life which is marked by self-discovery and independence. Siddhartha grows as a person through three main occurrences: his meeting with Buddha, his attempted suicide, and his time spent with his son, as they all contribute to his finding of himself. Siddhartha's meeting with Gotama, the Buddha, is the first experience that contributes to his path of self-discovery. After several years of living the ascetic life of a Samana, Siddhartha decides to seek out Gotama, "The Illustrious One," as a teacher or mentor in his journey to find his inner self. After their meeting, however, Siddhartha becomes more convinced that the Buddha's teachings only apply to the Buddha himself, because it is what the Buddha has learned on his own path to nirvana, and Siddhartha’s path may differ. Siddhartha is convinced that he must find his path himself if he wishes to find nirvana. He understands that the Buddha had a remarkable experienc...

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Edgar Allan Poe Essay

1. According to the first paragraph, what characteristics of the â€Å"Red Death† make it such a horrible disease? * The characteristics of the â€Å"Red Death† that make it such a horrible disease are the profuse amounts of blood, sharp pains, sudden dizziness, and the seizure. 2. Describe in detail Prospero’s plan for escaping the epidemic. * Prospero’s plan for escaping the epidemic was to gather a thousand hale and light-hearted friends from his court and keep them within a wall. The courtiers brought massy hammers to weld the bolts. Within the wall the people basically rejoiced to keep away from the â€Å"Red Death.† 3. What do the ebony clock and its arresting chimes add to the plot? Can you think of any symbolic value the clock might have? * 4. What symbolic evidence can you find in Poe’s use of the following? * A. the number seven – B. the use of colors, especially the black and scarlet in the seventh room – C. the movement from east to west in the sequence of the rooms and throughout the story – 5. In your opinion, how does this allusion add a layer of meaning to this story? * 6. â€Å"The want of parental affection,† wrote Poe â€Å"has been the heaviest of my trials.† Explain why Poe would make such a statement. * 7. What prominent military academy did Poe attend? Did he graduate? Why or why not? * 8. In great detail, comment on Virginia Clemm. * 9. Why is much of what we know about Poe wrong? * 10. Poe is widely known for inventing what type of story? *

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Incarceration And Drug And Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation...

Prison incarceration rates are increasing and there seems to be a pattern of specific groups of people, such as the minorities and indigenous groups who we see over and over again being imprisoned. There is also a pattern we see across different indigenous groups around different countries who are also facing similar problems because of their native’ status, such as Maori from New Zealand, Aboriginals from Canada and Indians from the USA, just to name a few. This essay will critically discuss the key issues identified by criminologists on huge incarceration rate for indigenous people, which includes institutional racism, high recidivism rates, and substance abuse issues. In addition, solutions to how these issues could be approached will be discussed, in terms of education, alternative methods to incarceration and drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation programmes. With regards to the history of indigenous, from the colonial periods, the indigenous population have been faced with a lot of torture in a lot of areas of their lives. The generations of those who have been exposed to the colonial-horrors are still faced with disadvantages and consequences from what had happened during that period. (Broadhurt, 1996) using the cultural conflict theory advocates that those who have survived the post-colonial period, have been left disadvantaged socially and economically, as well as criminalised. The issue for the indigenous incarceration rates starts from minor offences such asShow MoreRelatedCorrectional Rehabilitation Programs Of California Essay1292 Words   |  6 PagesCorrectional Rehabilitation Programs of California Rehabilitation programs that are available in prisons are a vital key to reforming at least eight out of ten inmates back to a productive, healthy citizen and leader. For this very reason the law AB 900 was passed in 2007 and just to give you a brief summary of the bill it discussed the establishment of pilot programs to be developed by the Department of Corrections for counseling and substance abuse that will assist inmates with their successfulRead MoreThe United States Prisons And Federal Prisons959 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Obama has been on a mission to reform the United States Jails and Federal Prisons. The number of incarcerations have been on the rise since 1980 and it continues to quadruple. State and federal prisons are over crowed with non-violent offenses. With overcrowded jails it has caused the economy more money and created dangerous living environments. Instead of incarceration what should be given is a realistic alternative for their actions. The government wi ll also spend less money. Non-violentRead MoreRehabilitation Programs Should Be Abolished1669 Words   |  7 Pagesin dire need of an effective method to rectify the habits and mentalities of these inmates. Rehabilitation programs should be implemented for prisoners being released back into the community. In addition to providing a more cost-effective alternative to incarceration, these programs could potentially transform offenders into responsible, productive members of society. Programs ranging from drug and alcohol treatment to helping further education and acquiring trades for future employment have beenRead MoreJuvenile Justice And Juvenile Delinquency1675 Words   |  7 Pagesthe beginning of the program because of the evolving mentality of the generations. The purpose of Juvenile Justice was to correct the behavior of the juvenile delinquents and rehabilitation through a probationary period monitored by an individual who paid for bail and periodically reported behavior changes to courts. (Mulligan 2009) We do justice to the youth offenders by understanding the history of Juvenile Justice restorative programs, the alternatives to incarceration, and how to help themRead MoreDiscovering Practices That Reduces Recidivism1362 Words   |  6 Pageshas recently returned to policymaking agenda, as the need to remedy the cycle of incarceration is being acknowledge and addressed. With this renewed interest in reentry come federal funds and an effort to rigor ously evaluate programs aimed at helping prisoners successfully reintegrate into their communities. This paper examines these initiatives, describing lessons learned and identifying obstacles of both program implementation and evaluation. The goal is to provide insights and recommendationsRead MoreThe Failure Of The American Prison System1302 Words   |  6 Pagesoffenders off the streets, the modern prison system fails in fulfilling its original design of restoring criminals to being productive members of society. It has proven to be an inefficient and ineffective system by focusing on punishment over rehabilitation, leading to issues such as overcrowding, wasting taxpayers’ money and a high recidivism rate. As children, most people learn obedience through punishment. When we do something â€Å"wrong† one or several privileges are taken away by our parents.Read MoreThe Effects Of Substance Use Disorder On America s Prison System1339 Words   |  6 Pagesfor various drug related charge and is an admitted addict of intravenous cocaine and heroin. Heroin was discovered in the cell he resided in, and in an unprecedented legal proceeding, Judge Richard Berman gave Cameron the longest sentence on record for a prisoner found to have drugs while incarcerated. Instead of receiving much needed treatment for his disorder, Cameron will spend nearly the same amount of time in prison as his original sentence called for. The Numbers Drug use and abuse is not aRead MoreThe Effects Of Residential Schools On Disadvantaged Backgrounds855 Words   |  4 Pagestremendous psychological abuse to not only the children being forced to leave their homes, but also to their guardians. After this traumatic event, many aboriginal people resorted to substance abuse in order to cope with their experience in these schools. One study reported â€Å"82 percent of individuals were involved in substance abuse behaviors after attending residential schools.† (Chansonneuve, 2007, p.22). I believe that there is a negative correlation between substance abuse and crime rates, as provenRead MoreAn Overview of Alternative Methods of Incarceration700 Words   |  3 PagesAn Overview of Alternative Methods of Incarceration Leaders at the Federal, State, and Local levels are constantly seeking ingenious methods to reduce the costs of criminal justice and corrections. It is agreed that violent offenders should be in maximum security facilities, however establishing alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders have become a necessity (e.g. DMI, Project HOPE, The 24/7 sobriety project). Due to the overcrowding and budget issues, methods have been devised to increaseRead MoreMandatory Sentencing For Non Violent Crime1050 Words   |  5 Pages To begin, mandatory sentencing for non-violent and drug- related crimes should be eliminated. This law was established to dispose of the drugs masters and to reduce the selling of drugs in neighborhoods. However, this resulted in an adverse effect; with nonviolent drug and first time offenders getting brutal sentences expanding the prison population. Non-violent crime should be dealt with differently; offering instead mandatory rehabilitation and probation rather than serving time. Placing offenders